The SBC Advantage

Why choose Steve Barger Consulting?


  • Extensive network of contacts
  • Open doors that otherwise might be closed
  • Steve Barger’s 35 years of practical experience as a lobbyist, trustee and nonprofit board member
  • Immediate and individualized attention
  • Leader in innovative and value-based health care initiatives

What Others Are Saying


“Over the course of 15+ years, I have relied on Steve for advice on everything from fringe benefits, organizational development and fundraising to how to read a financial statement.  He has continually pointed me in the right direction.  His knowledge of our political system, and his ability and willingness to utilize his contacts within that system have been instrumental in helping to pass child abuse prevention legislation that will have a far-reaching impact. Steve’s ability to navigate “systems” –whether they be political, financial or organizational is second-to-none.  He has tremendous ability to “get to the bottom line” in an efficient and effective manner, while being attuned to needs and timeframes of those around him.  Steve is a skilled communicator, easily conveying important messages and concepts to diverse audiences, professions and populations.”

-Jill Seyfred, ACSW,

Executive Director, Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky